June 03. - 04. 2022



The Mountain Body, Fieldnotes at Flørli in Lysefjorden

The performing arts curators Rimi / Imir  have invited The Mountain Body to develop a new choreographic work at Flørli in Lysefjorden during 2023.  An initial research fase accumulated in a small sharing for the public took place at the first edition of the performance art festival (((O)))utpost Flørli 2022. The new work of the TMB project coincides with RIMI / IMIR´’s plans to develop the small village as a site for process, production and sharing of performing arts production in, and with nature.

During this first visit the audience and participants were invited in for a meditative and practice based sessions over two days in the rock landscape of Flørli. It started off in one of the historic houses in Flørli, where Helle shared some research and reflections upon Norway’s history and practice of extraction. Points of entry were local trolldom in Lysefjorden, hydroelectric power plants, Peer Gynt and the rise of neo- liberalism. The listeners and discussion partners were eased into joining and discussing the speculations enjoying a brewery based on locally produced gin and lingonberries.The following day a work in progress session in the mountain was performed by  climber Sebastian Cruz. Sebastian executed an onsite choreography by Helle Siljeholm.

With and by 

Choreographer / artist Helle Siljeholm
Climber/ performer Sebastian Cruz
Producer Guro Vrålstad