The Mountain Body is an interdisciplinary art and research project based on geological formations that connect all life and non-life on our planet and in the universe, and in which the mountain becomes the focus for various imaginaries. The project explores re-articulations of entangled relationships of body, nature and culture, taking into account
The current climate and environmental challenges, and is based in local contexts. The Mountain Body centers around a series of choreographic and sculptural interventions with, by and in various mountain sites in the world, which together form a new ‘mountain range’.

The project is inspired by the late mountain climber and philosopher Arne Næss’ perspective on the mountain, and his many stays in the mountains, which contributed to his (and his colleagues) radical philosophy from the 1970s, Deep Ecology. A philosophy that calls for a radical shift in human – nature – culture relationships.

The Mountain Body originates from Nodes on rocks and other social landscapes (2017), curated by Høstscena, Jugendstilsenteret and KUBE. The project included various choreographies of a performative and sculptural character over four days, in nature and in the city, and was created with the participation of several local artists and partners in and around Ålesund (Norway). Its development was informed by regular conversations between Helle Siljeholm and landscape painter Ørnulf Opdahl, related to alternative perspectives on landscape, nature and culture.

A central part of the work was a choreography developed for six climbers from Ålesund Climbing Club, executed on a mountain hillside. The composition of the choreography was based on everyday movements such as walking, sitting, standing and sleeping, and manifested itself in different variations and patterns, creating horizontal and vertical ‘journeys’ in the mountainside. The traces of these positions and journeys were marked with natural and environmentally-friendly pigment by the climbers. The temporary imprint of this choreographic structure remained as a gigantic, temporary ‘rune painting’ that could be viewed from the sea, tourist paths and from airplanes approaching Alesund. The performance alternated between the meditative, contemplative and spectacular. The physical and practical encounter of body, mountain and structure pointed to historical and contemporary relationships of bodies, nature and culture, being colonial and occupational, as well as vulnerable and in need of protection. The ‘painting’ was to be washed away by nature itself, a natural consequence of weather and wind. After about two months, it had disappeared from the mountain.

«Naturen er kulturens hjem» (Nature is the home of culture)
– Nils Faarlund (friend and colleague of Næss, founder of friluftsliv as an academic discipline)

In The Mountain Body, the aim is to reduce, or rid ourselves, of an anthropocentric gaze orienting towards the mountain, and to listen, experience and learn, with mountain matter such as (such as (star)dust, minerals, rocks and mountain ontology as a starting point. Mountains form the context for investigations of complex relationships between body, nature and culture. These meetings with various mountain sites, (human and non- human) species and communities established on, in or by mountains will help articulate different mountain imaginaries. These will inform the choreographies as well as audiovisual works, talks, seminars and essays.

The project is created by visual artist and choreographer Helle Siljeholm, and will be developed with a range of artists, academics, climbers, partners and diverse communities in and around mountains over the coming years.

Helle Siljeholm

Concept, choreography, installation, video

Helle is a choreographer and visual artist, based in Oslo. She holds a BA (hons.) from London Contemporary Dance School in 2003. In 2016, she graduated with an MA in Fine Art from the Oslo Academy of Fine Art (KHiO). Her artistic practice involves film, installation, sculpture, choreography, and performance, and centers around the possibility of an artwork to function as a diverse, poetic, physical and social platform for alternate individual and collective imaginaries of the past, present and possible futures.


Guro Vrålstad


Guro Vrålstad is a producer and project manager based in Oslo with a special focus on cross-disciplinary contemporary art projects. She currently works for Susie Wang and Helle Siljeholm. From 2011 she has worked on various art projects, often with geographical emphasis on the Far North, such as Dark Ecology and the annual arts festival Barents Spektakel.

Marianne Kjærsund

Performer and climber

Marianne Kjærsund is a freelance contemporary dancer. She has worked as a performer and teacher all across Scandinavia, and collaborated with a wide variety of performing artists. Kjærsund has also been an assistant to theatre director Kjersti Horn at The National Theatre and Riksteatretet, and director Birgitte Strid at Nordland Theatre.

Pernille Holden

Performer and climber

Pernille Holden works as an artist within the field of dance and choreography. Collectivity, sensuousness and musicality are driving forces in her artistic practice. Holden has collaborated with a wide range of choreographers and performing artists. Holden is educated at The School of Contemporary Dance in Oslo.

Anders Rummelhoff

Climber and performer

Anders Rummelhoff is a trained actor from GITIS in Århus. He has worked as an actor since 2005, for and with Kim Atle Hansen, Karen Røise Kielland, Jarl Flaaten Bjørk, Simone Thiis and for Dramatikkens Hus,  Østfold Teater, Rogaland Teater, Det Norske Teater, NRK, Nordisk Film, Fabulous. Anders has worked as a climbing instructor and been active in sports climbing for a long time.

Sjur Hansteen

Performer and climber

Sjur Hansteen is a freelance project creator and climber. He is currently working on a concept for a digital detox project in Oslo called Offline. He believes that mind and body are essential to well-being, which can be supported by art, meditation, and exercise. He has a background in psychology and currently studies to become a trainer in interpersonal skills and communication. Hansteen’s primary interest is in self-improvement and climbing, which he combines with traveling and working to climb across the world.

Henrik Burvang

Performer and climber

Henrik Burvang is based in Ålesund and has a mechanical engineering, science system and product design background. He works for the Coastal Administration on climate and environmental aspects within sea transport. Outdoor enthusiast with broad experience from both steep and flat outdoor life, steep skiing and freeriding on snowboards and climbing in particular. He has competed nationally and internationally as a snowboarder, and has established a dozen new climbing routes in the high mountains at home and abroad, as well as arranged expeditions to inaccessible and demanding areas. Henrik is a member of the Norwegian Peak Club.

Mads Gausdal

Performer and climber

Mads Gausdal is a System Integration Manager, and an Alpine climber based in Ålesund. While his professional life focuses on putting chaos into systems, his private life focuses on exploring our world through mountains, the never-ending chase for the perfect crack-line. His favourite place to be is Molladalen.

Annette Wolfsberger


Annette Wolfsberger is a producer based in Amsterdam facilitating collaborative interdisciplinary arts projects that relate to technology, society and the environment. She was producer of The Kelp Congress for LIAF – Lofoten International Arts Festival, Sonic Acts and Dark Ecology and has managed and co-curated various international artistic exchange and residency programmes, a.o. for Trans Europe Halles and the Netherlands Media Arts Institute. More on:

Hilde Methi


Hilde Methi is a curator based in Kirkenes, Norway. She builds up long-term collaborative projects infusing artistic ideas in local contexts. Recently she co-curated Hábmet hámi, Lofoten International Art Festival-LIAF 2019 including the Kelp Congress, and Dark Ecology (2014-2016) – a series of temporary site-responsive works in the Norwegian-Russian border area.

Kai Johnsen

Theatre scholar and dramaturg

Kai Johnsen is a director and a dramaturg, and currently professor in directing at The Academy of Theatre at Oslo National College for the Arts. He was educated at The National Academy of Theatre and The University of Oslo. He is considered to be one of Norway’s leading figures in the development of essayistic and innovative scenic arts, and has directed more than 60 performances on leading Norwegian and foreign stages, in a variety of genres and often in collaboration with leading contemporary writers.

Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay


Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay is Associate Professor in Global Culture Studies at the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages, University of Oslo, Norway. He is Principal Investigator of the European Research Council project CoFutures: Pathways to Possible Presents and the Norwegian Research Council project Science Fictionality.

Espen Haslene / TUNDRA

Istvan Virag

Photo and Video 

Istvan Virag´s artistic practice concerns the social and economic aspects of globalisation, development and mobility – and the impact of these on the personal, private sphere of human life. His latest works explore post-growth theories and interferences between themes such as urban development, architecture, biopolitics and the “myth” of limitless economic growth. Virag received his BFA from the Academy of Fine Art at the Oslo Academy of the Arts in 2016.

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Tormod Granheim


Since his childhood,  Tormod Granheim’s dream was to work with adventure photography. A move to Chamonix in France fed his interest in downhill skiing, and led him to complete the first ski descent of Mount Everest’s North Face solo. Since then, he has combined adventure with consulting for the Army, Air Force and Navy. A decade after Everest, he became the first Nordic climber to summit all 82 4000-meter summits of the Alps, an achievement that was rewarded with the title ‘Adventurer of the Year’. As an athlete and adventurer he’s worked on both sides of the camera for National Geographic, and his writings have been published in more than 25 countries. After retiring from sport, he started a photographic project focused on big mountains.

Jon Marius Nilsson

Michael Miller

Web design and development

Bent Erik Myrvoll

Pigment Expert and Visual Artist 

Through his work as a visual artist, for the last 15 years he has been passionate about nature’s color tones. Through the colors that he researches, he builds his own artistic language, just like a composer does with tones. Beyond the aesthetics, it’s also the research in Norwegian soil and minerals that also constitutes a big part of his interest. In his PhD, he is researching stucco lustro and fresco works consisting exclusively of Norwegian minerals and color pigments.

Olav Vestlie

Access, security, historical consultant and local facilitation at Kolsås

Solveig Fagermo

Costume designer

Benedikte Holen

Artistic advisor

Benedikte Holen is a curator at Jugendstilsenteret and KUBE in Ålesund since 2013, where she has worked with several artists in developing solo and group exhibitions, public programs and discursive platforms as well as in presenting projects in public space. She is the author and editor of several essays and exhibition publications. Holen often engages in collaborations with artists in which the production of new works is essential. She holds an MA in Art History from the University of Bergen and a degree in Creative Curating from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

Siri Forberg

Artistic advisor

Siri Forberg is the artistic director of Høstscena, a live arts festival in Ålesund, Norway. She has a background in performing in different kinds of theatre, tv, film and performance. Her dramaturgical work includes En Folkefiende in Oslo directed by Rimini Protokoll (Haug/Wetzel) for the Ibsen festival at the Nationaltheatre in 2012. Forberg considers the playful quality of theatre as a key factor in enabling reflection and interaction on the question of human existence.

Ørnulf Opdahl

Artistic advisor

Ørnulf Opdahl is an internationally renown Norwegian painter and educator based in Ålesund. He is represented in several art collections, including the National Gallery of Norway, the British Museum, the National Museum of Contemporary art in Oslo, Bergen Art Museum and the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art. He was appointed professor at the Norwegian National Academy of Fine Arts from 1985 to 1992.

Silje Opdahl Mathisen


Silje Opdahl Mathisen is a collection manager at the Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo. She has a master´s degree in archaeology from the University of Oslo and holds a Ph. D on contemporary exhibitions of Sámi culture and history (2014). Her research interests revolve around archaeology, museology in general the history of archaeological and ethnographical collections and exhibitions.

Katrine Eldegaard

Henrik Svensen



Jugendstilsenteret og KUBE

Black Box Teater


Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts

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CoFutures: Pathways to possible presents

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