The Mountain Body is an interdisciplinary art and research project that explores mountains as entangled more-than-human bodies that actively and re-actively participate in shaping our world through geological time, space, and as poetic material.

The Mountain Body centers around the development of a series of choreographic and sculptural interventions in various mountain sites in the world. Together with a series of conversations and publications, these sites will form a new ‘mountain range’.

The project explores mountains as protagonists in their various geological, political, imaginary and spiritual roles. Mountains as connections, processes and activities, both as a formation as well as through their various constituents such as sand, rocks, minerals, plants or stardust. The Mountain Body understands nature as an ecological system of different and mutually dependent bodies of living and non-living material. Bodies that in different ways may shape and reshape reality. More or less visible, and more or less knowingly.

The Mountain Body is a project by visual artist and choreographer Helle Siljeholm, and will be developed with a range of artists, academics, climbers, partners and various communities in and around several mountain sites over the coming years.