Excerpts, Skjonghelleren

Notes from Silje Opdahl Mathisen

Collection Manager,

Museum of Cultural History, UiO

During the scenic arts festival Høstscena 2020, the cave Skjonghelleren on Valderøy was the site for various practice-oriented research, conversations and reflections that accumulated in a midnight sharing with the audience: In the night we may read writings made by rocks. Part of the research was an introduction to the cave by archeologist Silje Opdahl Mathisen. See the notes here.

Silje Opdahl Mathisen is a collection manager at the Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo. She has a master´s degree in archaeology from the University of Oslo and holds a Ph. D on contemporary exhibitions of Sámi culture and history (2014). Her research interests revolve around archaeology, museology in general the history of archaeological and ethnographical collections and exhibitions.