June 03. 2022 - October 16. 2022


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Precious Acquisitions, Jugendstilsenteret and KUBE, Ålesund & Viti museum, Sunnmøre

Summer exhibition at Jugendstilsenteret and KUBE, Ålesund

The video work The Mountain Body, Norangsdalen was made as a commission for Viti Museum and have newly been acquired for their museum collection. The video is based on the choreographic installation The Mountain Body – Norangsdalen, performed in October 2021.

“The time of the mountains – the deep time – seemed to us a question and a curiosity. How to slow down and at the same time experience every change in the surface of the mountain? We were four human bodies in white, who leaned into the mountainside of Norangsdalen. We may have become like tender, tender insects, with busy tasks that can not be seen at first glance, but required time in the eye watching. A slow dance in an elusive second of mountain time. ”
Quote Marianne Kjærsund (co-creative performer in The Mountain Body)

The video focuses on various natural compositions in the mountain, in combination with the movements in the surrounding landscape (clouds, plants, practitioners, moss, animals, wind, rain, etc.). A montage of elements where different meditations and notions of body, culture and nature arise, in which the human body and the mountain body seemingly becomes one.

More information about the exhibition Precious Acquisitions here.
Curated by Benedikte Holden and Solfrid Otterholm

With and by

Concept & direction Helle Siljeholm
Edit and post prod Espen Haslene/ TUNDRA FILM*
Sound BJ Nilsen
Climbers /performers 
Pernille Holden, Marianne Kjærsund, Henrik Burvang and Mads Gausdal
Photographers Fred Arne Wergeland, Espen Haslene, Tormod Granheim
and Istvan Virag